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EMM Advertising is excited to announce our partnership with Charles Burt Realty, for an extensive real estate website build. This collaboration extends beyond Charles Burt Realty, encompassing all subsidiary companies.

Full Real Estate Website Build: EMM Advertising is developing a comprehensive real estate website that showcases Charles Burt Realty’s listings but also facilitates online rent and mortgage payments. The website is designed to be a one-stop platform for all real estate needs, offering a seamless experience for clients and prospective buyers.

MLS Network Connection: Our collaboration includes the integration of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) network, connecting Charles Burt Realty and its subsidiaries to a wider real estate network. This ensures that property listings are not only featured on the local level but also reach a broader audience through the MLS network.

Online Rent/Mortgage Payments: EMM Advertising is implementing secure and user-friendly online payment functionalities, allowing tenants and homeowners to conveniently make rent and mortgage payments through the website.

Subsidiary Company Integration: The website build extends its capabilities to include all subsidiary companies under the Charles Burt Realty umbrella. This ensures a unified digital presence for the entire real estate portfolio, enhancing brand consistency and accessibility.

Visual Appeal and User Experience: With EMM Advertising’s expertise in design, the Charles Burt is being crafted to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. The user experience is at the forefront of our development strategy, making sure that visitors can easily explore listings.

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